7 Things You Should Absolutely Make In Your Dutch Oven

Mar 9, 2023

what to cook in your dutch oven

It’s safe to say that if our house caught fire and we could only rescue 3 things, we would choose our loved ones, our pets and, of course, our Dutch oven.

Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but that’s how much we love this enameled cast iron cookpot.

They’re durable, endlessly versatile and one of the most used pieces of cookware in our kitchen. From bread and soup to roasted chicken and steamed seafood, there’s practically nothing the Dutch oven can’t do.

So, to show our affection for the classic French kitchen essential—and to convince you that, yes, everyone should own a Dutch oven—we’ve rounded up a list of 7 dishes you probably didn’t know you could make in a Dutch oven. But that you absolutely, definitely should.

Check them out below.


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things to make in dutch oven

Dutch Oven Bread

If you didn’t jump on the bread-making train during the pandemic, here’s your sign to spend this weekend baking up a crusty loaf.

Why It Works: Dutch ovens are famous for their heavy, tight-fitting lid, which helps lock in steam during the cooking and baking process. This is crucial when it comes to getting that crunchy, artisanal crust we know and love.

Check out our handy guide to learn how to make perfect Dutch oven bread every time!

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things to make in dutch oven

Roast Chicken with Lemon and Herbs

Sure, roasting a whole chicken sounds like a daunting task, but once you get the hang of cooking times, this one might just become your new Sunday night go-to.

Why It Works: Because it’s heavy, wide and made of cast iron, a Dutch oven does a great job at distributing heat evenly. Not only does this prevent food from burning, but it will cook your bird more evenly.

Plus, the raised bumps on the underside of the lid helps moisture to “rain” back down onto your chicken, keeping the meat moist through the long cook time, which is essential for this crowd-pleasing dish.

Get the Roast Chicken with Lemon and Herbs recipe!

things to make in dutch oven

Steamed Mussels

There’s something about cooking seafood in a Dutch oven that can instantly transport you the French seashore. And sure, mussels are intimidating, but this recipe is so easy, you’ll wonder what all the fuss was about.

Why It Works: With mussels, the golden rule is: closed shells before cooking, open shells after cooking. And the best way to get those stubborn little buggers to open? Steam.

Dutch ovens are ideal for steam cooking as they trap moisture and maintain a relatively even temperature.

Get the Steamed Mussels recipe!

things to make in dutch oven

Rosemary Rack of Lamb

We believe that lamb doesn’t get the attention it deserves. It’s lean, packed with protein and exceptionally delicious, especially when it’s marinated in a homemade, herby and tangy sauce.

Why It Works: You might think a stainless steel skillet or grill pan would be better suited for this recipe. And sure, either one would get the job done.

But we prefer the Dutch oven for one very specific reason: its ability to heat evenly and efficiently. This makes it ideal for searing meats and getting that perfect caramelized crust. Plus, it’s naturally nonstick, which is a huge bonus when working with high temps.

Ge the Rosemary Rack of Lamb recipe!

things to make in dutch oven

Udon Noodle Soup with Baby Bok Choy

There are few things more comforting on a dreary, rainy day than a steaming bowl of noodle soup. And this recipe makes enough to keep you feeling comforted all week long.

Why It Works: The process for making this recipe is two-fold: first, you need to stir-fry the veggies at a high heat. Then, you have to add in your broth and sauces and let it all simmer until it develops a rich, full flavor.

A Dutch oven will not only do a great job at searing those veggies, but its heavy bottom and wide shape distribute heat evenly, keeping food from burning. This also means it can heat liquids, like broth, quickly and evenly, giving you that depth of flavor that’s key to this soup.

Get the Udon Noodle Soup with Baby Bok Choy recipe!

things to make in dutch oven

Shrimp Boil

If you’ve spent any time in the South or on the East Coast, then you’re probably very familiar with the seafood boil. From Louisiana and Georgia to the Chesapeake Bay and New England, every region has their own version, but one truth is universal: they’re downright delicious.

Why It Works: The key to a good seafood boil? Not overcooking the ingredients.

Because a Dutch oven conducts heat so well, it gives you more control over the temperature of your base liquid and the lid traps in the steam to cook the shrimp (and any other shellfish you desire). Plus, because it’s heavy and made of durable cast iron, you won’t need to worry about a heavy load on the handles.

Get the Shrimp Boil recipe!

things to make in dutch oven

Farro Risotto with Sausage, Fennel and Squash

Risotto is a finicky thing. It requires patience, patience and plenty of stirring to achieve that perfect silky, creamy texture that makes risotto the meal of dreams.

Why It Works: Risotto’s kryptonite? Sticking. Hence the need for patience and plenty of stirring.

But by cooking your risotto in a Dutch oven, you’re taking advantage of the pot’s naturally nonstick qualities and its masterful heat conduction. Yes, you’ll still have to stir, seemingly endlessly, but you won’t have to worry about hot spots or sticking, which makes this labor-intensive dish one you might just love.

Get the Farro Risotto with Sausage, Fennel and Squash recipe!


Hungry for more? Explore our recipe library for ideas and inspo for your next gathering!

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