Sur La Table’s 2022 Holiday Gift Guide

We’re making a list and checking it twice, maybe three times.

12 Thanksgiving Kitchen Essentials For A Stress Free Day

Because the only thing you should stress over is whether to have a third piece of pie.

Tips for Hosting A Fall Dinner Party (From A California Event Planner)

‘Tis the season of gathering, giving thanks and all things pumpkin.

Bob Kramer’s 5 Tips for Choosing the Best Knife For Your Kitchen

And of course, we had to ask about that time he made a knife out of meteorite for Anthony Bourdain.

How To Choose the Best Knife for Your Kitchen

How do you know which chef’s knife is best for you? With this guide, we’ll make sure you always have the best knife in your hand.

Gift Guide: The Best Gifts for the Home Cook 

Ever wonder what to get for the home cook in your life? We’ve gathered a list of our favorite products to help you find the perfect gift.

Why Every Baker Needs A Cookie Rack (+ 3 Cookie Recipes You Need to Try!)

Baking is an art and takes loads of patience. Like any artist, a baker needs the right tools and equipment to bring their creations to fruition....

How To Choose a Wok Pan

If you haven’t had the pleasure of making your own stir-fry at home, here’s your sign to give it a shot. But before you start chopping and sautéing,...

Everything You Need To Make Bakery Quality Muffins at Home

We can’t deny that few things come close to the stomach-grumbling quality of muffins fresh from the bakery—we’d even pull ourselves out of bed on a...

Everything You Need To Make a “Star-Baker” Worthy Pie

Making the perfect pie takes patience, exactness, and dedication to ensure all the elements of the recipe come together and, you know… actually...

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