Tips for Decorating Your Home for the Holidays

Dec 8, 2022

How to decorate for Christmas

Thanksgiving is officially over, which can mean only one thing: Christmas decorating!

This year, rather than going all-in on brand new décor, get creative with what you already have at home!

Think mixing white, everyday dinnerware with festive table runners and chargers. Or hanging ornaments from garlands to add a touch of whimsy.

We have TONS of amazing items in our Christmas shop that can be mixed and matched to create a holiday vibe. But we also wanted to compile a few ideas on how to decorate your home for the holidays using items you may already have.


The holiday cheer doesn’t stop here! Explore our Christmas Shop for ideas and inspiration on everything from table linens to ornaments.

Explore Our Christmas Shop

How to decorate for Christmas


Fill Bowls with Baubles

Why limit your ornaments to the tree? Fill a serving bowl with leftover baubles to add a touch of holiday charm throughout the house.

Deck the Stairs

We’ve been seeing this trend all over TikTok—festooning your banisters with ornaments is a unique way to DIY your Christmas décor. Simply hot glue an arrangement of ball ornaments onto a pool noodle that’s been cut to wrap around your railings. And when the season is through, store them in a wrapping paper storage bin to use next year.

Create a Festive Chandelier

If you want a statement piece over your dining table or in the entryway, a DIY ornament chandelier is a fun showcase for your heirloom or newly curated ornament collection.

Grab an inexpensive, plastic Hula-Hoop, wrap it in ribbon and tie each bauble to the Hula-Hoop using staggered lengths of ribbon. Then, suspend your ornament chandelier from the ceiling with string or fishing wire.

How to decorate for Christmas

Decorate With Food

Make a Popcorn Garland

A classic we often forget is the popcorn garland! Grab a popcorn popper and some fishing wire, and gather the whole family around the table. Feel free to add on—you can string popped kernels, cranberries and other accoutrements on each strand. Then, wrap it around your Christmas tree.

Get Creative with Cookies

Make food your favorite gingerbread or shortbread cookies in the shape of a snowman or snowflake using a festive cookie cutter, and decorate one for each guest. Then pipe your guests’ names on them, wrap in cellophane and use them as place cards.

Decorate with Dehydrated Fruit

One of our favorite, easy-to-DIY Christmas tree ornaments is dehydrated citrus. Place your citrus slices of choice on a baking sheet with parchment paper and bake at 150–170°F for 3–4 hours until the fruit is dried.

Once you have your dried citrus, you’ll thread string through the center, tie a loop and hang them on a tree, wreath or garland.

How to decorate for Christmas


Dress Up Your Jam Jars

Round up your Mason jars or glass vases, fill them with fresh pine and cranberries, cover with water and top with a floating tea light. Or, for an easier alternative, grab one (or a few) of our festive candles and place them around your house to ensure every nook and cranny looks—and smells—like Christmas.

Create a Captivating Tablescape

You don’t need to spend a lot to create an impressive tablescape.

Simply lay down a white tablecloth or runner and top it with evergreen branches. Fill in any gaps with pinecones and winter berry sprigs or figural pieces. Add drama—and height—with tapered candles. These will really help set the mood when lit.

Make Your Hearth Smell Like Home

Ambience is just as much about smell as it is décor. And certain festive scents, like cinnamon and nutmeg, will almost certainly unlock the feeling of Christmas morning.

So why not enjoy the merry aromas all month long with stovetop potpourri? Simply add orange slices, cranberries, warm spices—like cloves, cinnamon sticks and star anise—and woodsy herbs like rosemary and pine to a pot with water and let it simmer on your stovetop.

You can continue to use the simmer pot for about a week, just be sure to add water when it gets low.


The holiday cheer doesn’t stop here! Explore our Christmas Shop for ideas and inspiration on everything from table linens to ornaments.

Explore Our Christmas Shop

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