At The Table With: Ty Schmidt, Creator of SchmidtyBakes

At The Table With: Ty Schmidt, Creator of SchmidtyBakes

We’re kicking off Pride Month with a spotlight on one of our most colorful creators—Ty Schmidt, founder of SchmidtyBakes! We talked about the importance of acceptance, the joy of sharing a meal and who he’d invite to a dinner party.

Brunch Made Easy: Hosting A Mini Waffle Party For Friends And Family

Aug 14, 2023

how to throw a waffle party

Easily one of our favorite entertaining ideas, DIY waffle bars give guests the freedom to fix their own waffle how they want, leaving you more time to mingle, play host and enjoy the company of good friends. It’s a special and creative way to host because it’s deceptively simple and it’s a guaranteed crowd-pleaser.

So, to welcome you and your loved ones to a world of waffles, we’ve checked in with our experts for their top tips on hosting a successful waffle party.  

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tips for throwing a waffle bar party


Crafting your own waffle bar couldn’t be simpler.

Find your favorite simple waffle recipe (we’re big fans of the Belgian classic Liege Waffles!) and whip up the batter the night before. Set up your waffle bar with a few mini and full size waffle makers and offer guests a number of ways to customize.

Opt for a variety of syrups, jams, compotes, toppings and sides—from whipped cream and fresh fruit to bacon and eggs—so your guests can personalize their plates to their heart’s content.

For added convenience, check out our selection of pancake and waffle mixes that will make prep a breeze!

tips for hosting a waffle bar party


You know what waffles pair well with? Brunch cocktails. And sure, some classics, like mimosas, are always a winner. But what better way to continue the “have it your way” theme than with a custom Bloody Mary bar!

Start by pre-making a batch of non-alcoholic Bloody Mary mix—crafted with tomato juice, citrus, celery salt, Tabasco, Worcestershire sauce and horseradish.

Set out two bottles of vodka or tequila for your guests to pick from as well as a variety of hot sauces with varying degrees of heat. Lay out pint glasses, twisty straws, colorful napkins, an ice bucket and toothpicks or skewers for garnishes.

And as for those garnishes? Don’t skimp.

We recommend setting out an array of garnishes full of lemon and lime slices with classic celery stalks. Don’t forget to add savory bites like peppers, pickles and olives. If you really want to go all out, offer mozzarella cheese cubes, pepperoni slices and crispy bacon strips.

For a booze-free brunch option, here are our top two favorite non-alcoholic brunch mocktail recipes:


Refreshing and bubbly, our non-alcoholic peach bellini mocktails marry the sweetness of ripe peaches with the sparkle of soda water. We love to pair this beverage with a plate of our fried chicken and waffles—try it out!


Blend the refreshing duo of cucumber, honey, mint leaves, lime and lemon juice. Top off the glass with crisp cucumber slices, then layer with ice. Infuse the concoction with club soda and finish it off with mint for a touch of freshness. Enjoy!

tips for throwing a waffle bar party


You don’t have to go all out on décor to make your waffle party feel like a soiree. Here’s a quick guide on budget-friendly décor.

Tablescape: Opt for cake stands and cloches to place your waffles and toppings! This will create eye-catching levels to showcase the goodies.

Centerpiece: A few vases of fresh, in-season flowers go a long way toward elevating the traditional brunch setup. Or, let the waffles take center stage—after all, they are the main attraction. Arrange a stack of waffles at the table’s center, providing a clear and delicious preview of what awaits your guests. Utilize jars and vintage glass containers to showcase a variety of toppings, creating a visually appealing and easily accessible waffle customization station.

Bar décor: For an eclectic feel, mix and match glassware and let your guests mix up their own drinks. Set them up with colorful cocktail napkins, drink stirrers and straws.

Pro Tip: Use a side table to host your bar. This will help with flow and keep people from congregating in one spot.

Dinnerware: Mix and match your everyday whiteware with more elevated and festive pieces. Not only will this save you money, but white plates offer an elegant canvas to display your guests’ delicious creations. 

Hungry for more? Check out our selection of top-of-the-line waffle makers—from GreenPan and Breville to Cuisinart and All-Clad—and find everything you need to host a delicious brunch.

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