Everything You Need To Make A Classic Margarita

Aug 20, 2022

Classic Margaritas

We love a good margarita.

Few things bring us as much joy as sitting poolside with the warm sun beating down on our shoulders and an ice-cold margarita in hand. Ah, bliss.

Whether you’re hosting a few friends or just looking for something to complement the dog days of summer, we’ve got you covered.  


Unlike wine or martinis, margaritas are pretty flexible when it comes to the glassware. As long as it’s got a rim for that signature salt, you’re pretty much set.

That being said, the most common choice among bartenders and mixologists is a classic rocks glass, otherwise known as an oldfashioned glass. These are perfect because they’re easy to hold and make salting the rim a breeze. These are also great if you’re concerned about storage as they can double as regular drinking glasses!


Okay, so of course the most obvious answer here is tequila. But what kind of tequila? And what about fruit, liqueurs or mixers?

For a classic margarita, you’ll want to go with your favorite brand of tequila blanco. This is considered “young” or unaged tequila and will offer an unadulterated taste of distilled agave. However, if you’re a tequila afficionado or want something a little smoother, opt for reposado (aged less than a year in oak barrels) or añejo (aged for a minimum of one year in small oak barrels).

As far as the flavor of your margarita goes, when it comes to a classic, keep it simple:

  • Fresh lime juice or limes
  • Cointreau or other orange-flavored liqueur
  • Agave nectar or simple syrup
  • Salt


Can you think of a more perfect pairing than an ice-cold margarita and warm tortilla chips with homemade salsa? Yeah, neither can we. 

But if you’re planning on spending your day sipping margaritas poolside, you might need something with a bit more substance, like some chunky guacamole to accompany the salsa.

Or reach for some south-of-the-border classics, like pork belly tacos or grilled shrimp fajitas. You can even host a Mexican-themed dinner party and whip up some mighty impressive chicken tamales

The idea is to think of fresh, bright, light dishes that will complement the citrusy, tart flavors of the limes and liqueur and balance the earthy complexity of the tequila. But no matter what, definitely include some chips and salsa. 

Ready to try something new? We love margaritas, and we’ve got a whole slew of recipes for you to try! Check ‘em out below:

Frozen Margaritas

Frozen margaritas and sunny summer days? It doesn’t get much better than that. Except it does, because this frozen, tangy treat is as easy as dumping all the ingredients into a blender and pressing ‘blend.’ Now that’s the kind of mixology we can get on board with!

Jalapeño Avocado Margarita

Avocados aren’t just for guacamole. This fruit (yes, avocados are actually a fruit!) actually lends itself well to this spicy take on a classic. The creaminess of the avocado provides a nice base for the tequila, tangy lime and spicy jalapeño, creating a refreshing, vibrant drink that pairs exceptionally well with some homemade tortilla chips. 

Smoky Mezcal Margarita

Ah mezcal. It’s the smoky, earthy, underappreciated cousin to tequila. 

Whether you’ve had the pleasure of trying this Oaxacan tipple or not, this sipper is definitely one to add to your repertoire. Its delightful mix of lime juice, Cointreau, mezcal and tequila is ideal for warm summer evenings spent on the patio, laughing with good friends. 

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