12 Thanksgiving Kitchen Essentials For A Stress Free Day

Oct 21, 2022

Thanksgiving is one of the best—if not the best—meals of the year.

Each year conjures memories of family traditions and fragrant smells of the holiday, like roasted turkey, freshly baked bread and maybe even cinnamon-spiced pumpkin pie. But prepping for the big day brings with it some major stress—after all, it’s a meal we look forward to all year long!

If you’re hosting Thanksgiving this year, it’s important to have your cupboard stocked with not only the right ingredients, but the right tools and Thanksgiving cookware, too! Check out these 12 kitchen tools you need to have a stress-free holiday.


What You Need For the Thanksgiving Turkey

Roasting Pan

A roasted turkey is the quintessential star of Thanksgiving, and the proper cookware helps ensure it really shines.

The taller sides of a roasting pan help prevent any splashes or spillover, and the V-shaped or curved rack provides air circulation around the entire bird—so you get crispy skin on all sides. For optimal durability and heat conduction, check out our selection of All-Clad roasting pans which offer stainless steel and nonstick varieties for easier cleanup.

Carving Board

A large carving board is a necessity on Thanksgiving, giving you ample space to carve your turkey and the proper material to slice on (so it won’t dull your carving knives).

Many carving boards can also double as a serving platter or elegant charcuterie board, especially when made out of beautiful wood grains like teak and walnut. When looking for a Thanksgiving carving board, be sure to pick one with deep juice grooves to catch any spillover from your bird.


Worried about having a dry turkey? Invest in a turkey baster!

A turkey baster is a great Thanksgiving kitchen tool to have on hand as it helps ensure you have an extra juicy turkey. Most basters have a bulb on top to squeeze up some of the extra liquid in your roasting pan, which can be released over the top of the skin to keep your bird moist while cooking. Basters also reduce the risk of drips and spills and are easier to use than a ladle.

Meat Thermometer

Don’t rely on the pop-up timer that comes on your turkey—invest in a meat thermometer, which you can use all year round!

A meat thermometer is an essential Thanksgiving cookware item because it gives you an accurate read of the temperature of your bird and helps you know when to pull it out of the oven to ensure it’s perfectly cooked and juicy. Turkeys continue to cook after removing them from the oven, so be sure to pull it out about 5–10 degrees before it’s “done,” at about 155°F.


What You Need For the Thanksgiving Sides

Baking Dishes

Baking dishes come in a variety of sizes and materials (glass, ceramic, stoneware, enameled cast iron and aluminum are common) and are perfect for casseroles, potatoes au gratin, cobblers, cakes and desserts. Many baking dishes come in a variety of colors and can double as a serving dish, which means less after-dinner cleanup, and that’s always a winner in our book.

Spice Mill

Spice mills will take the flavors of Thanksgiving up a notch with freshly ground peppercorns, sea salts and other seasonings. They also make a beautiful addition to your tablescape, and guests can help themselves to get the spice and salt level that’s just right for them.

Potato Masher

Perhaps the biggest staple of Thanksgiving sides is classic mashed potatoes.

Make your job easier with a high-quality masher that’s durable, sturdy and easy to clean. A masher ensures you have the smoothest potatoes, and it helps you break down a cooked veggie quickly and efficiently. Want a more elevated way to serve everyone’s favorite spud? Try our Brown Butter Mashed Potatoes or Crème Fraîche Mashed Potatoes recipes.

Chef’s Tip: For even smoother mashed potatoes, try a ricer! It creates smaller lumps which leads to creamier, silkier mashed potatoes!

Sheet Pans

From crispy stuffing to dinner rolls and roasted veggies, sheet pans are a versatile kitchen tool that are a necessity for several staple Thanksgiving sides.

Most sheet pans are made of aluminum for even heat transfer, while some have textured surfaces to promote air circulation underneath and an easy release when finished cooking. For this Thanksgiving, be sure to find sheet pans with nonstick coating for easy cleanup or consider using a silicone baking mat or parchment paper to ensure nothing sticks.


What You Need For the Thanksgiving Desserts

Rolling Pin

A rolling pin is an essential baking item you need for Thanksgiving and helps you smoothly roll out dough for pastries, cookies and pies! A rolling pin definitely comes in handy for everyone’s favorite Thanksgiving dessert: a pumpkin pie!

Try your hand at our Ultimate Pumpkin Pie With Rum Whipped Cream for Thanksgiving this year to impress your guests.

Pie Dish

Having a proper pie dish for Thanksgiving is important—a pie dish promotes gentle, even cooking that you won’t find in a disposable foil pie pan. Many pie dishes also come with a wavy rim, which makes it easier to flute the edges of your crust.

Pie Weights

Elevate your baking skills to semi-pro status with pie weights, a pastry chef’s secret weapon to achieve the perfect pie crust.

Pie weights are small ceramic or metal bead-like items that are designed to weigh down your crust during a blind bake (baking a crust without the filling to ensure its properly cooked and crisp), preventing shrinkage and bubbles from forming.

Cooling Rack

If you don’t want to stress about your Thanksgiving desserts being overcooked or dry, consider investing in a cooling rack.

A cooling rack allows for air circulation around an entire pan or dish, which helps cool your dessert faster than leaving it out on your countertop. This prevents overbaking from the residual hot temperature of your baked goods. Cooling racks can be used for more than just baked goods though—you can use them for your Thanksgiving sides, too!


Be prepared this holiday with Thanksgiving cookware items that will make your hosting duties a breeze. Buy online and pick up at a store near you to ensure you have everything for the big day!

Thanksgiving Essentials

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