4 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day, Even If You’re Single and Loving It

Jan 24, 2023

Ideas for Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and that means the season of love is officially upon us.

And whether you enjoy celebrating or find yourself more in the “I’m not really into Valentine’s Day” camp, we believe that any reason to celebrate love is a good one.

So, to help set the mood and get you inspired, we’ve come up with a few ways to celebrate love this Valentine’s Day, whether you’re partnered up or planning to enjoy the day with friends.

Check them out below.


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Ideas for Valentine's Day

Test your skills in a Valentine’s Day cooking class

Whether this is your first Valentine’s Day together or your fifth, there’s no better way to get to know someone than by cooking a meal together. It takes teamwork, patience and, by the end of it, you’ll get to share some laughs and a delicious meal!

From the hearty, rustic flavors of Tuscany to dishes inspired by the City of Love, our chefs will whisk you and your date away to an evening filled with fun and global fare. Or, keep it local and test your skills with a classic steak dinner, complete with truffle mashed potatoes and homemade chocolate mousse.

There’s more where those came from! Check out our full calendar of cooking classes and get inspired to whip up something delicious this Valentine’s Day.

Ideas for Valentine's Day
Ideas for Valentine's Day
Ideas for Valentine's Day

Grab your partner (or BFFs) and whip up a swoon-worthy V-Day dinner

If you’re already a veteran in the kitchen, invite your date or friends over for a Valentine’s Day dinner party that’s so delicious, they’ll think they need reservations.

Kick the evening—and their appetites—off with some East Coast-inspired crab cakes. Then, impress them with a main course of roasted flank steak drizzled in an herby chimichurri sauce.

Pair that with an earthy, savory potato and leek gratin and a hearty side of Brussels sprouts cooked in bacon and thyme and you’re bound to hear a chorus of “ooh” and “oh my God, that’s delicious,” break out around the table.

And because it’s Valentine’s Day, there’s only one way to end the evening: chocolate.

These chocolate-espresso pots de crème are a great option—not only can they be made several days in advance (which means one less thing to cook come V-Day), but they’re brimming with decadent, indulgent flavors of chocolate and espresso, topped with homemade whipped cream. You can even garnish with fresh strawberries or raspberries to give them that little extra Valentine’s Day “oomph.”

Hungry for more? Explore our library of recipes to get ideas and inspiration for a Valentine’s Day dinner that’s sure to please.

Ideas for Valentine's Day

Throw a V-Day party decked out with heart-shaped décor

Seasonal décor is not just for the holidays.

Get in the Valentine’s Day spirit and deck out your home with some heart-shaped decorations. With a few minor touches, like these simple embroidered heart towels, this plush candy hearts table scatter or this adorable Cupid mug, you can usher in the season of love.

And since love is so much better when it’s shared, invite your friends—single or not—over for a little Valentine’s Day celebration.

Set out some wine glasses and some delicious appetizers (might we suggest this Classic Swiss Fondue for a decadent but easily shareable dish) and heart-shaped treats, and enjoy a few hours spent with loved ones.

Or take the party up a notch with a Valentine’s Day-themed cocktail competition.

Encourage your guests to create a themed cocktail and have everyone vote on their favorite. Not only is this a great way to get guests involved, but it’ll take a little of the hosting duties off of you so you can sip and enjoy all night long.

For some cocktail and appetizer inspiration, check out our “Cocktail and Appetizer Pairing Guide.”

Ideas for Valentine's Day

Give Galentine’s Day the love it deserves

Sure, Valentine’s Day might be the favorite child of February, but anyone with a close group of girlfriends knows that Galentine’s Day truly is the best day of the month. So why not celebrate like it is?

Leave the significant others at home and invite your sisters, cousins and closest girlfriends over for an evening filled with chocolate and wine. Assemble some confections and a few bottles of your favorite wine, and spend the night indulging in delicious sweets and quality time.

Or throw a “Galentine’s Day” charcuterie night.

You’ve probably seen them on TikTok or Instagram—a bunch of friends get together and each create a themed board, like fast food or brunch.

Challenge your friends to create a Valentine’s Day-themed board, whether it’s layered in chocolate, heart-shaped snacks or piled high with traditional meats and cheeses (let’s be real, cheese is appropriate for every holiday).

Heck, go all out and turn it into a Galentine’s Day grown-up sleepover!

Queue up a few of your favorite romantic comedies and indulge in nostalgia and good company while snacking on an array of V-Day treats.

Love charcuterie boards but not sure where to start? Check out our handy guide that will have you putting your cheese board together like a pro in no time.


Fall head over heels this Valentine’s Day with our selection of gifts that’ll make them swoon.

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