Buyer’s Guide to Nonstick Oven Baking Pans

Aug 2, 2022

Non-stick bakeware

There’s nothing quite like a brand new, shiny baking sheet. It’s like a new toy. You may not even use it for a bit just to enjoy its luster. 

If you’re replacing your old nonstick baking pans or sheets, finding the right one can take some time. We’ve laid out our favorites and a few tips for getting your kitchen up to nonstick standards. 

Best nonstick oven baking pans and sets

Best-selling Sheet Pans: Sur La Table Platinum Pro Half Sheet Pans 

  • Set of 2 pans
  • Material: Aluminized steel & silicone
  • Eco-friendly nonstick silicone
  • Oven safe to 450°F

Healthy nonstick baking sheet: GreenPan Craft Sheet Pan

  • Half sheet pan or quarter sheet pan
  • Heat safe up to 600°F
  • Heavyweight aluminized steel is incredibly durable, resisting rust and warping for years to come
  • Heat-responsive surface bakes food evenly, eliminating hotspots

Full bakeware set: Sur La Table Platinum Pro Bakeware, Set Of 6

  • Set Includes: One half-sheet pan, one nonstick cooing rack, one half-sheet cookie pan, two 9″ cake rounds and one 12-count muffin tin
  • Aluminized steel offers remarkable heat transfer and resists corrosion and rust
  • PTFE- and PFOA-free silicone nonstick coating 
  • Textured surface allows air to flow under baking food for even results and easy release every time
  • Bakeware and grid are oven safe to 450°F

Stylish bakeware set: Sur La Table Gold Bakeware Set

  • Nonstick carbon steel finish
  • Quarter sheet pan and half sheet pan included
  • Cooling rack is iron and nonstick
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Freezer safe
  • Oven safe up to 446°F

Nonstick Safety and Care

Is nonstick safe for baking?

Due to concerns about PTFE and PFOA, nonstick bakeware and cookware has come a long way. Nowadays, nonstick bakeware and cookware is made to handle high temps, uses higher quality materials to prevent flaking, and many manufacturers advertise nonstick items as being “utensil safe.” Keep in mind, however, that the temperature ratings exist for a reason. Don’t cook or bake above the temperatures listed in the care instructions.

How to care for nonstick baking pans

Maintenance is key to giving your bakeware a longer lifetime. Here are a few tips:

  • Generally, avoid using knives, metal utensils, and other sharp objects that could scrape the nonstick coating. Silicone utensils will offer longer life and a better experience for your baking sheets and pans.
  • Hand wash your nonstick pans as dishwashers can be abrasive. Avoid using steel wool and rough sponges. 
  • Bake below the temperature limits of the bakeware.

Best Nonstick Bakeware To Complete Your Collection

Once you’ve chosen your nonstick baking pans, there are a few items that can help round out your collection:

Nonstick cake pans

Want to avoid cake getting stuck to the pan? Here are a few options for that perfect cake every time:

  • Square Cake Pan: A durable, well-made cake pan with silicone coating for easy, seamless release is essential. A dream and a half.  
  • Bundt® Pan: Nordic Ware excels in quality and makes its flagship Bundt® pans in many different shapes and sizes so that any occasion can look and feel unique. 
  • Rectangular Cake Pan: Sheet cakes and hot dishes get an upgrade, especially when they come out exactly as intended. A nonstick rectangular cake pan is a must-have. 


Should I get a full sheet, half sheet, or quarter sheet?

The best answer? A mixture of all three. That’s because the size of the sheet pan will come down to your needs—if you’re cooking for a crowd, a full sheet pan will do the trick. For smaller tasks, a half sheet pan will come in handy. It’s also ideal for multitasking, as the size will allow you to bake or roast meats or veggies alongside it in the oven.  

If you’re looking to bake just a small batch of cookies or roast a couple of chicken thighs or a few pieces of salmon, a quarter sheet baking pan is the way to—these are great for smaller tasks and are less bulky than the half- and full-size versions.  

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