At The Table With: Ty Schmidt, Creator of SchmidtyBakes

At The Table With: Ty Schmidt, Creator of SchmidtyBakes

We’re kicking off Pride Month with a spotlight on one of our most colorful creators—Ty Schmidt, founder of SchmidtyBakes! We talked about the importance of acceptance, the joy of sharing a meal and who he’d invite to a dinner party.

Everything You Need To Make a “Star-Baker” Worthy Pie

Aug 2, 2022

Star worth pie

Making the perfect pie takes patience, exactness, and dedication to ensure all the elements of the recipe come together and, you know… actually taste good. Whether it be fruit-filled or a tasty, savory bake, the tools to make the perfect pie will make the process just as enjoyable as taking a photo of your masterpiece when it’s all done and ready to eat.

What do you need to make a pie?

It’s likely you could make a pie with what you already have in the kitchen. But when you’re trying to find a makeshift solution, it isn’t as reliable, clean or fun. Let’s take a look at some essentials you’ll love:

8 pie perfecting essentials that will make life easier:

  • Dough scraper: Often rounded to conform to the sides of a mixing bowl, a dough scraper will get extraneous dough back in line. It’s great for cleaning up after rolling out dough, too.
  • Bench scraper: Want something a bit sharper for cutting and measuring out dough? A bench scraper will treat your silicone mat with the respect it deserves.
  • Rolling pin: Unless you prefer using a wine bottle to roll out the dough, a tapered rolling pin makes for a versatile and clean way to get that pie crust rolled out evenly.
  • Silicone mat: Sprinkle a bit of flour on the surface of a silicone pastry mat and you’re ready to roll. Measurements directly on the mat can be a great guide, especially with a pastry wheel. 
  • Mixing bowls: Having the best mixing bowls will help. Impact resistant glass bowls or non-slip stainless steel mixing bowls work great. 
  • Pastry wheel or cutter: Achieving the classic pie crust is as simple as cutting the dough with a pastry wheel
  • Pie dish: Of course, the pie dish (also called a pie plate or pie baking dish) is one of the most important parts of the whole eventthe belle of the ball. Find your color and favorite material and you’ll be on your way.
  • Pie weights: Keep the crust from developing air pockets or shrinking in the oven using pie weights. They’re safe to use in the oven and will come in handy every time you’re making a pie crust from scratch.

Tart vs. Pie: What’s the Difference?

A tart is an open pastry case containing a filling. Tarts typically have a thicker crust, no upper crust or covering, and are typically served outside of the tart pan it was shaped in.

Pie on the other hand has a thinner, flakier crust with an upper crust served from a pie pan or pie dish. Pie pans create more of a sloped crust and are often used when serving, while tart pans have a shorter profile and a removable bottom. 

Recipes change and evolve, but no matter what, pies and tarts have one thing in common: they’re both fun to bake. 

5 Mouthwatering Pie Recipes

Okay, we might be biasedbut our pie recipes are triedandtrue classics. Here are 5 we think are definitely worth repeating:

  • Classic Apple Pie: It’s a classic for a reason. Want to craft the idyllic, picturesque apple pie you’ve always dreamed of making? See recipe 
  • Strawberry Rhubarb Tart: Depending on where you live, rhubarb can be tricky to find, but when it’s in season along with strawberries, it’s hard to resist making this strawberry rhubarb tart recipe. See recipe
  • Bourbon Pecan Pie: A little bourbon added to the pecan glaze enhances this classic recipe. See recipe
  • Homemade Pumpkin Pie: This was a recipe used for Sur La Table’s Cooking Classes, so if you want to impress the family with this Thanksgiving staple, try this pumpkin pie recipe from scratch! See recipe
  • Lattice Topped Peach Pie: This pie imbues Southern comfort and soul in an easy-to-follow recipe that will brighten any summer afternoon. See recipe

Want to take your pie-perfection to the next level? Check out our cooking classes!

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