How To Host A Pie Baking Party

Oct 9, 2023

how to host a pie baking party

There are a few things in life that are universally loved—music, good food, laughter and friendship probably top most of our lists. These also happen to be the recipe for a great party!

And as the air grows a little crisper and autumn ushers in a season of cozy gatherings and heartwarming traditions, you might be feeling like hosting a fun get-together yourself. To fill your home with the delightful aromas of the season (and your favorite people), we’re proposing a new annual event to mark the final quarter of the calendar: a pie baking party!

Here are some tips and tricks to guide you through hosting a fall pie baking party that’s fun and delicious—and goes off without a hitch.


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how to host a pie baking party

Step 1: Set the scene with autumn décor.

Creating an authentic autumn ambiance can instantly elevate the mood and transport guests into the heart of the season.

To set the scene at your pie baking party, consider using faux (or real!) vibrant fall leaves, introducing aromatic elements like rosemary sprigs or cinnamon sticks, or even interspersing warm-toned candles or fairy lights to add a gentle glow.

Here are some other fall décor ideas to help you set the right ambiance:

  • Colors: Think deep oranges, rustic reds and golden yellows.
  • Centerpieces: Arrange pumpkins, gourds, pinecones and candles on your table.
  • Tablecloth: A rustic burlap or fall-themed tablecloth adds a seasonal touch.
  • Dinnerware: Add a touch of fall with botanical dinnerware and platters that are fun and festive.
how to host a pie baking party

Step 2: Create the invitations.

Send out invitations that resonate with the fall theme. Consider using paper in autumn hues—or, for a fun twist, attach your invitation to a mini pumpkin or a pressed autumn leaf if you’re able to deliver them all locally. You can also keep it simple with an email invite.

Be sure to let guests know what they need to bring, but try keeping it a little open-ended to add to the creativity of the day (for example, you could note that both sweet and savory pies are welcome).

how to host a pie baking party

Step 3: Pick your pie.

Among the many delights of fall, the scent of cinnamon, the spice of nutmeg and the warmth of freshly baked goods are some of our favorites. Here are a few pie recipes we love that are sure to make a statement at your party:

  • Pumpkin Butter Custard Pie: This twist on a classic boasts an extra creamy filling and uses real vanilla bean paste for a richer flavor.
  • Autumn Leaf Apple-Cranberry Pie: Fresh, tart fruits are balanced with warm fall spices in this recipe. Make it your own by creating a lattice or crimped crust.
  • Dark Chocolate Pumpkin Pie: The rich ganache topping creates a surprising and decadent duo alongside classic autumn flavors.
  • Perfect Pie Crust: This easy pie crust recipe works with pretty much any pie—sweet or savory.
how to host a pie baking party

Step 4: Gather your ingredients and tools.

To ensure that your pie baking party runs smoothly and leaves everyone with delicious memories, preparing the right ingredients and tools in advance is essential.

Ingredients: Start with the basics for pie crusts, such as flour, butter, sugar and salt. Then, curate a selection of seasonal fillings—think pumpkins, apples or pecans. And don’t forget to replace your spices so they’re fresh! Cinnamon, nutmeg and even vanilla extract can lose flavor over time (especially if not stored properly).

Tools: Equip your kitchen with the essentials. Here a few pie tools you need to get started:

  • Rolling pin: Rolling pins are a must for shaping the crust, ensuring it’s smooth, even and flaky.
  • Pie dish: Consider using a fun seasonal pie dish (that’s shaped like a pumpkin or apple), or even try using mini pie dishes for your fall party.
  • Mixing bowls: Having ample space to mix and blend your ingredients ensures a consistent dough or filling.
  • Pastry tools: From pastry brushes to a bench scraper, pastry tools help take your pie making skills from novice to expert (and make the pie making process much easier.)
how to host a pie baking party

Step 5: Set up the tasting table.

Create a toppings bar with whipped cream, various ice creams, caramel sauce, chocolate drizzle and fresh fruits so everyone can put their own finishing touches on their pie slices.

If your guests are up for it, you can also have a friendly pie contest! Make sure you have multiple categories to help spread the love, like “Most Creative,” “Best Tasting” or “Prettiest Pie.”

It’s also a good idea to think of drinks. Create some batch drinks so you don’t have to worry about making cocktails while you’re hosting, or simmer mulled cider or homemade hot chocolate on the stovetop that guests can help themselves to.


Hungry for more? Have your pie and eat it, too, in our fall Pie Baking class! You’ll make a delicious, salted caramel apple pie and get to take it home in a Sur La Table Pie Dish. Check our Cooking Class schedule to find a class near you!

Take Me To The Pie Baking Class

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