At The Table With: Ty Schmidt, Creator of SchmidtyBakes

At The Table With: Ty Schmidt, Creator of SchmidtyBakes

We’re kicking off Pride Month with a spotlight on one of our most colorful creators—Ty Schmidt, founder of SchmidtyBakes! We talked about the importance of acceptance, the joy of sharing a meal and who he’d invite to a dinner party.

Seasonal Produce Guide: Summer

Jun 22, 2023

what's in season in summer?

As the sun-soaked days of summer arrive, nature rewards us with an abundance of vibrant and succulent produce. From juicy fruits to crisp vegetables, the summer season offers a cornucopia of flavors that can level up your culinary experiences at home, bringing you the freshest and most flavorful produce available.

Explore the top fruits and veggies to savor during summer, learn how to shop for fruits and vegetables at their peak and discover delicious recipes that make the most of the seasonal harvest.


Hungry for more? Check out our library of recipes for inspiration and new ways to use all of the fresh, seasonal produce!

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what's in season in summer


Recipe to try: Watermelon Salad With Feta And Fresh Mint

Cool and refreshing, watermelon is the quintessential summer fruit. Bursting with juiciness and natural sweetness, it is perfect for poolside snacks, refreshing beverages or as the star ingredient in fresh salads.

How to pick them at the store: When picking a watermelon from the store, look for a symmetrical shape, a creamy yellow or orange field spot on the underside, a dull and firm skin and a heavy weight relative to its size. Give it a gentle tap and listen for a deep and hollow sound.

Avoid watermelons with cuts, bruises or soft spots.

Get the Watermelon Salad With Feta and Fresh Mint recipe!

what's in season in the summer


Recipe to try: Grilled Corn With Chipotle Butter And Cilantro

No summer barbecue is complete without the smoky aroma of grilled corn on the cob. Enjoy the sweet kernels straight off the grill, or use them in salads, salsas or even soups to add a touch of summer sweetness.

How to pick them at the store: When selecting corn from the store, look for ears with bright green, tightly wrapped husks, plump and firm kernels that feel substantial when gently squeezed, sticky golden-brown tassels and no signs of worm damage or infestation.

The corn should feel relatively heavy for its size, emit a fresh and slightly sweet aroma and have vibrant golden-yellow or light brown silk.

Get the Grilled Corn with Chipotle Butter And Cilantro recipe!

what's in season in the summer


Recipe to try: Summer Berry Cobbler

Raspberries, blueberries, strawberries and blackberries are at their peak during the summer months. Packed with antioxidants and bursting with natural sweetness, they are perfect for snacking, sprinkling over breakfast cereals and yogurts or incorporating into desserts (they’re especially great baked into crisps, cakes and cobblers in cast iron skillets)!

How to pick them at the store: Look for those that are plump, brightly colored and have a glossy appearance. Avoid berries that are soft, mushy or have any signs of mold or bruising.

Check the bottom of the container to ensure there are no squished or spoiled berries, and give the container a gentle shake to ensure the berries move freely, indicating they are not clumped together.

Get the Summer Berry Cobbler recipe!

what's in season in the summer?


Recipe to try: Summer Ratatouille

Zucchini and summer squash are versatile and abundant during the summer months. With their mild flavor and tender texture, they can be enjoyed in various ways. Add them to skillet stir-fries and casseroles, grill them as a side dish or kebabs or spiralize them for nutritious “zoodles.”

How to pick them at the store: When picking zucchini and summer squash, look for ones with smooth, glossy skin and vibrant colors. They should feel firm and have a slightly heavy weight for their size.

Get the Summer Ratatouille recipe!

what's in season in the summer?


Recipe to try: Grilled Peach And Prosciutto Pizza With Burrata

Fragrant and juicy, peaches epitomize the essence of summer. Enjoy them on their own, slice them into salads or grill them for a delightful, caramelized treat.

How to pick them at the store: Start by looking for peaches with vibrant colors, such as golden yellows or blush pinks. Give them a gentle squeeze to ensure they are firm and not too hard or overly soft. The perfect peach should yield slightly under pressure. Additionally, smell near the stem end to ensure the peach has a sweet and fragrant aroma—if it lacks a scent, it will lack in flavor.

Examine the skin for smoothness, free from blemishes or bruises, and consider the weight of the peach (a heavier peach indicates juiciness).

Get the Grilled Peach And Prosciutto Pizza With Burrata recipe!

what's in season in the summer?


Recipe to try: Caprese Salad

Summer brings forth an array of tomatoes in various shapes, sizes and colors. From plump and juicy beefsteaks to sweet cherry tomatoes, they add a burst of freshness to salads, sandwiches and pasta dishes. Use a thin serrated knife or a specialty tomato knife to ensure you can slice tomatoes evenly and cleanly.

How to pick them at the store: At the store, look for firm, fragrant tomatoes with vibrant hues for the best flavor.

Get the Caprese Salad recipe!

what's in season in the summer?


Recipe to try: Lemony Cucumber Mint Mocktail

Cool and refreshing, cucumbers are a hydrating vegetable perfect for hot summer days. Consider adding cucumbers to salads, gazpacho or add them to a pitcher of water for a refreshing cucumber-infused summer beverage.

How to pick them at the store: Look for cucumbers with firm and uniformly green skin. Avoid cucumbers that have soft spots and yellowing or wrinkled skin—they should feel crisp when gently squeezed.

Get the Lemony Cucumber Mint Mocktail recipe!

what's in season in the summer?


Recipe to try: Curry Prawns With Eggplant

Eggplant’s rich and meaty texture makes it a versatile addition to summer dishes.

Experiment with eggplant by grilling slices for sandwiches, roasting them for a flavorful dip like baba ghanoush or incorporating them into hearty vegetarian dishes. To reduce any potential bitterness and improve texture, consider salting sliced or cubed eggplant before cooking. Sprinkle salt over the eggplant and let it sit for about 30 minutes. Rinse the salt off and pat the eggplant dry before proceeding with your chosen recipe.

How to pick them at the store: Like most veggies and fruits in season for the summer, choose eggplants with smooth, glossy and unwrinkled skin, avoiding dull or discolored ones. Gently press the eggplant with your thumb to ensure it feels firm and springs back slightly, avoiding those that are too hard or too soft.

Additionally, check the weight of the eggplant, opting for ones that feel relatively heavy for their size, indicating a higher water content and better quality.

Get the Curry Prawns with Eggplant recipe!

How to shop for peak season produce

To make the most of summer produce, it’s essential to know how to select the best fruits and vegetables when they are at their peak. Here are a few tips to guide you:

  • Visit local farmers markets: Farmers markets are a treasure trove of seasonal produce. By purchasing directly from local growers, you can enjoy fruits and vegetables at their freshest—and support the community. Engage with the farmers, ask questions and learn about the best varieties for your recipes.
  • Look for visual cues: When shopping for produce, rely on your senses. Choose fruits and vegetables that are vibrant in color, firm (but not rock hard) and fragrant. Avoid bruised, blemished or wilted items, as this may indicate they’re past their prime.
  • Know the harvest season: Familiarize yourself with the harvest seasons of different fruits and vegetables, and learn what’s considered early, mid- and late season for particular produce items.

Typically, produce that is in season will be more abundant, flavorful and cost-effective. Start researching your favorite fruits and veggies or consult with local farmers to determine the optimal time to buy specific items.


Hungry for more? Check out our library of recipes for inspiration and new ways to use all of the fresh, seasonal produce!

Explore Our Recipe Library

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