Gift Guide: The Best Gifts for the Home Cook 

Aug 3, 2022

Gifts for the at home chef

When you have a friend or loved one who loves to cook, giving them gifts feels like a no-brainer. And there’s no better feeling than eating a delicious meal that they made with your gift! 

But what exactly should you get them? We’ve got a breakdown of some of our favorite kitchen essentials, some fun but not-so-essential must-haves, and everything in between. 

Essential Gifts for the Home Cook

  • Chef’s Knife: If they don’t already have a chef’s knife they love, they will adore you for gifting them one. For everything from chopping vegetables and deboning a chicken, a high-quality chef’s knife can make a world of difference in the kitchen.
  • Dutch Oven: We wax poetic about the Dutch ovenit’s a multi-purpose pot that can go from baking bread to braising meat all in the same day! And they’re built to last with an easy-to-clean enamel coating.
  • Nonstick Cookware: For someone who loves to cook, a nice nonstick cookware set reigns supreme. They’re versatile, come in multiple sizes and make for a stress-free cleanup thanks to their superslick coating.
  • Silicone Utensils: Help them care for their nonstick cookware with some silicone utensils! Whether they’re whisking the day away or flipping flapjacks till the cows come home, silicone utensils were made to keep nonstick pots and pans safe for years to come. 
  • Casserole Dish: If they love to cook for a crowd, a large casserole dish is the thing to please. The best part? They can be used for baked goods, meats and veggiesso there’s no limit to what they’ll be inspired to whip up!
  • Roasting Pans: Sunday roasts, Thanksgiving, holiday hostingall things better served in a high-quality roasting pan. Whether they’re cooking for a crowd or an intimate gathering, a roasting pan will ensure their entrée is the star of the show. 
  • Cutting Board: They likely already have a few of these, but nothing says “please cook for me” like a beautiful wooden cutting board. Sure, it requires a bit more care than a plastic one, but a wooden cutting board will make every chop and julienne a thing of beauty.

Nonessential (But Still Pretty Great) Gifts for the Home Cook

  • Anything by Le Creuset: It’s likely you’ve heard your friends talk about Le Creuset, often with starry-eyed wondermentand we don’t blame them. Since 1925, this French cookware brand has been considered toptier, with a focus on beautiful, durable cookware and bakeware that’s equal parts functional and fun.
  • Wine Glasses: A nice glass of wine goes hand in hand with a well-cooked meal and a matching set of wine glasses will turn any dinner party or happy hour soirée into an elevated affair.
  • Espresso Machine: Once you’ve gobbled up every last bite of their delicious meal, it’s time to settle in and let it all, well, settle. An espresso machine is a great way to show them you want to keep the conversation flowing well after dinner is done. 
  • Serving Bowls: They make beautiful food, so it’s only right they have a beautiful set of serving bowls to set out. Opt for wood, porcelain or ceramic bowls for a classy touch.
  • Pot Racks: If they’ve got all the cookware they could ever dream of, help them keep it all organized with a pot rack! Not only will this help keep their cookware safe and scratch-free, but it will also allow them to display their prized possessions in all their glory.
  • Food Processor: Maybe they like to cook but really, really hate chopping? Make their life easier with a food processor! It’ll cut prep time in half and can tackle everything from sauces and soups to dips and desserts. 

A Few More Gift Ideas That Will Make Them Smile

  • Aprons, Oven Mitts and Potholders: While they’re busy whipping up a masterpiece, keep their hands (and clothes) protected with some festive aprons and oven mitts! You can even tailor them to your friend’s personal style with a variety of patterns and prints to choose from.
  • Pasta Maker: Nothing beats homemade pasta and we can bet they’ll invite you over for a lot more once they get their hands on a pasta maker
  • Olive Oil Dispenser: A high-quality olive oil is key to a great meal and keeping it within arm’s reach is a great way to make the home cook’s life easier. Also, olive oil dispensers look beautiful on the counter, which is always a plus. 
  • Sur La Table Cooking Class: If they already have everything, help them level up their skills with a cooking class! Whether they’re looking to expand their baking prowess, want to explore seasonal recipes, or they just want to spend time with friends cooking a meal in the comfort of their home, there’s something for everyone.
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